Our Team

People who make your events’ memories here to stay

Though we’re no big fancy photography studio, we’ve got our own small crew of girls and guys who keep this business boat afloat…

Together with my assistants and fellow photography enthusiasts I thrive to cover each customer’s event as good, as if it was my own.

So as a team we’re able to offer so much more! Eventually providing the ultimate satisfactory experience and capturing sweet memories for all clients who hire us…

Gary Bowles

Photos after-editing assistant

If it wasn’t for Gary’s help, I would not have been able to finish after-editing the approximate 500, 000 images that I shoot yearly on average. Gary is my helping guru when it comes to post-processing those…

Mary Harries

My personal secretary

It’s only thanks to Mary, that I am able to cope with the truly overwhelming number of applications and bookings, that my merry customers file. She’s my personal assistant for 5 years now and counting…

Olivia Blunder

Events backup photographer

As I’m shooting not just weddings, but also baby showers, bachelor parties and birthdays as well, sometimes I’m not physically able to attend each of the events that I was booked for. Olivia is my backup in such a case…

Hillary Trump

Wedding planner

Hillary is one of the best wedding planners in New England, which was the initial reason for me to begin my cooperation with her. She’s a helping hand in anything wedding related…

Check available booking dates

As I am the only photographer working in the studio, I have to evaluate all my ordeals beforehand.

I will appreciate as much details about your particular wedding venue, dates, theme and other aspects, as you’d be willing to share. As soon as I review the booking information, I will be giving you my feedback immediately!

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