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The Black Moods Janesville, WI 9-24-22

It’s a good time to be a fan of rock music. There are so many great bands touring right now and Saturday night in Janesville, WI I was able to see one of the best!

It’s a timeless rock-n-roll sound but The Black Moods do it so well! From Tempe Arizona

this band with two amazing albums somehow stayed off of my radar until recently. They have an album and song called “sunshine” which is appropriate because I just felt happy and so full of sunshine watching them perform and being around them after the show.

Josh Kennedy, singer and lead guitarist has a really great voice full of emotion and passion, all while playing blistering riffs on his beautiful Gibson guitar. Chico on drums is a monster

player with huge personality. Jordan

Hoffman plays thundering bass while harmonizing some incredible backing vocals that really sets this band apart.

I blame Covid because “Sunshine” was a brilliant debut album that had the unfortunate luck of debuting in March of 2020.

They followed up with “Into the night” in 2022 and it did not disappoint, as a matter of fact, the last song on the album “The Cure” is their best song ever. Wow! It’s a blues rock masterpiece. I almost think they should move in that direction because it’s that great and really suits Josh’s voice. They performed “The Cure” life with a 12 year old violinist, named Declan Toomey who was completely on point and felt the song in his bones. It was stunning to experience. Most of their songs are fun and lively and the audience sings along. Crowd favorites were “Sunshine, “Saturday Night” and “Bella Donna” but really there is no bad song! I loved this show. The guys were super friendly and spent hours after the show hanging out with fans. It was so endearing. I have found a new band to love and I cannot wait to see The Black Moods again. Put this band on your radar! #TheBlackMoods #rockmusic #rocknroll #concert #livemusic #joshkennedy #supportlivemusic #sunshine #margomachnikphotography #bluesrock #gibson

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